Veterans and Family
    The 33rd Signal Construction Battalion Reenactors are dedicated to preserving the history of this proud unit and encourages any veteran, or relative of a veteran belonging to the 33rd Signal Construction Battalion or the 33rd Signal Light Construction Battalion from 1942 to 1946 to please contact us with your stories and pictures, so we may post them here for all to see.

Below are some veterans pictures and stories of the 33rd Signal Construction Battalion.

Carl T. Liedtka Jr.  ASN 32484355
Chester W. Shoop Jr.  ASN 33683741
Eldon R. Olin  ASN 39316054
Frank Marks ASN 34666839
John Bleggi  ASN 39901977
Leroy Cox ASN 39316225
Edward S. Rea ASN 32606178
Antonio S. Sanfilippo ASN 32606363
Claude G. Levesque  ASN 11091204
Samuel H. Smith ASN 36319705
Clifford L. Hoffman ASN 32599838

Below are some members of the living history group's family who served with various units during the Second World War.

Dominic A. Pasquarella  ASN 33107204
Michael Kormanicki ASN 33138303