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WWII Impressions -Quality reproductions of American uniforms, boots and equipment.
At The Front - Quality repro and original items for American, German, Russian, British Reenactors.
What Price Glory - Quality American and British uniforms and equipment.
AEF Supply -Quality reproductions of American uniforms
1944 Militaria- Quality German uniforms and equipment.
Bayonet Inc.- Quality reproductions of American gear.
Lost Battalions - Quality reproduction of American HBTs.
WWII Ration Technologies - Kits for authentic rations.
Explosive Reproductions - Reproduction crates and demolition pieces.
Lucky Forward Militaria - Original and reproduction American uniforms and equipment.
Reproduction Paperwork- Great Site for Repro WW2 GI Paperwork.
Notched Dog Tags- Reproduction notched dog tags.
M1940 Dog Tag Chain Reproductions- Reproduction WW2 dog tag chains.
H. J. Saunders Military Insignia- Military Crests and Patches.
Fair Radio Sales Company-Communication wire.
Merriam Press- WW2 books and manuals
Blue Max Militaria- Assorted Militaria

American Units
1st Special Service Force
1st Infantry Division (Alabama)
3rd Infantry Division
4th Infantry Division Military Police Platoon
4th Infantry Division 8th Inf. Regt., I&R Platoon

6th Cavalry (Texas)
10th Mountain Division
29th Infantry Division
30th Infantry Division
35th Infantry Division
35th Infantry Division(Pennsylvania)
45th Infantry Division(Pennsylvania)
45th Infantry Division(New Jersey)
45th Infantry Division(Texas)
51st Engineer Combat Battalion
78th Infantry Division
3rd Batt. 505th PIR 82nd Airborne
83rd Infantry Division
94th Infantry Division
Easy Co. 506th PIR 101st Airborne
103rd Infantry Division
American Military Medical Impression, Inc.
Naval Historical Detachment

Commonwealth Units
1st Canadian Parachute Btn. C Coy

Axis Units
10th SS Frundsberg  3./ SS-PZ. AA 10
17th SS Götz von Berlichingen
2nd SS Pz Gren RegIII DEUTSCHLAND Komp 9

7th Kompanie Grossdeutschland

1st SS Panzer Division
2nd Panzer Division
Fallschirm Pioneer Battalion 1
134th Grenadier Regiment "Hoch- und Deutschmeister"
Feldgendarmerie 200 Trupp
352 Infantry Division
Grenadier Regiment 980
1./Feldgendarmerie Abt. 541
9.SS Panzerdivision, "Hohenstaufen"
12.SS Panzerdivision, "Hitlerjungend"
5./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6

Living History
Paperdolls - For the Ladies
The Study and Living History Group Dutch Civilians 1940/1945

Warcos - War Correspondents
WWII Victory Association
World War II Federation
USAAF Living History Group
Extracts from History: WW2- Info that makes a good impression into an excellent one.
The Combat Medic- An Awesome site about the "Docs"

Signal Corps
Civil War Signal Corps
Signal Corps Museum
92nd Signal Battalion (WW2)
40th Light Signal Construction Battalion (WW2)
103rd Infantry Division Signal Company (WW2)
The Signal Corps Regimental Association
U.S. Army Signal Corps Photograph Collection
The Royal Signals Museum
Signal Corps Association Re-enactors' Division

Military Vehicle Links Military Jeep site, a must for restorations. Site for that little tracked rascal.
GMC, DUKW, Chevy Truck Forum- Site for the big things in life
70th Tank Battalion/Roberts Armory

Other Related Links
History Channel- History Channel online.
USS New Jersey- The home of the "Big J"
Artwork of Eldon "Ole" Olin- Veteran of Company B, 33rd SCB who is an outstanding artist.
Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen- Interesting site about the Tuskegee Airmen
Aircraft Carriers of WW2-Excellent reference site.
Grunts Military Site- Site for military info.
Atomic Magazine- Site for a magazine dedicated to the Greatest Generation

Auction Sites
International Militaria Online Auctions- Auctions of militaria from all over the world.

EBAY Auctions- Auctions of militaria can be found here.