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Weaponry Every soldier was armed.  These are some of the approved weapons that was used during WWII.  Be sure you follow your state regulations before your purchase.

Rifle M1- Preferred Weapon for the basic soldier.

Rifle M1903 - Acceptable weapon to be used by grenadiers and some soldiers.

Carbine M1 - To be used by sergeants, officers, and special teams.

SMG M1 or M1928 (Tommy Gun) -To be used by Squad leaders and some soldiers.

SMG M3 (Grease Gun) - Not common, but some found their way into the hands of a few troops.

BAR M1918 - Squad support machine gun, one to a squad and usually manned by a two-man team.

BMG M1919A4 - Platoon support machine gun, one or two to a platoon, and manned by a three to five-man team.

Captured Weaponry - German weaponry is acceptable, but as a secondary arm.  

Knifes, Combat - WW2 military or civilian fighting knifes are acceptable.

Support Weapons - These include mortars, bazookas, antitank guns, heavy machine guns, and other crew served weapons.

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