Advanced Uniform and Equipment Items 
Basic Uniform and Equipment Items
Advanced Uniform and Equipment Items
Optional items
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Advanced Uniform Items These are some items you should consider getting after you meet the basic requirements

EM Dismounted Raincoat- Original, approved repro.

5 Button High Neck Sweater- Original, approved repro, or modern GI with correct WW2 buttons.
Two Buckle Combat Boots-  Approved repro. Used in late war scenarios.
3/4 Rough-out Shoes- Approved repro
Leather Palm Wool Gloves- Original or approved repro.
HBT Fatigues - Original or approved repro.  1st or 2nd pattern jacket and trousers with 13 star metal buttons.  
HBT Overalls - Original or approved repro.
Wool Scarf- Original or approved repro.  Red Cross or cut from blanket style.
EM Wool Overcoat- Original.  Examples should have brass or plastic buttons.
Wool Service Tunic- Original or approved repro.   All unit insignia and awards are worn on this uniform.
Personal Items - Original or approved repro appropriate to impression and time period.  Anything that an American Soldier may have possessed or carried.
Advanced Equipment Items
EE8A or B Field Phone- Original in working condition
DR8A Wire Spool with Wire- Original or approved Postwar
Pole Climbing Spikes- Original military or similar civilian spikes from the period.
Lineman's Belt- Original military or similar civilian Lineman's belt from the period.
CE-11 Wire Reel Assembly- This is the reeling system that is used with the DR8A wire spool

Neck Strap ST-35- This is used to carry the CE-11 Assembly

Any Lineman's Equipment used during WWII.

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