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Optional Items The following items are optional, however members are encouraged to pick them up in order to improve their authenticity for different events.

M43 Field Jacket- Original or approved repro.   Worn for events late 1944 and on.

M1943 Folding Shovel w/Cover - Original only.  Wartime dated cover can be OD, Khaki, or OD and Khaki transitional.   

Poncho- Original or approved repro.  Must be WW2 version without hood.  

GP Ammo Bag - Original.  Khaki or OD and Khaki transitional variants are acceptable.  Used to carry ammo, grenades, rifle grenades etc.

Khaki Cotton Shirt - Original or approved repro.

Khaki Cotton Pants - Original or approved repro.

Khaki Cotton Overseas Cap- Original or approved repro in correct khaki cotton.  Orange and White piping for Signal Corps

Period Baseball Glove- For our baseball team and to pass the time on those long days

Larger Signal Corps Equipment- BD71 or BD72 Switchboards, EE65 Test Sets and anything else that the Signal Corps would have, Mostly relating to wire line communication.

Vehicles- Jeeps, CCKW's, WC51's, WC52's, Panel Trucks, Shop Trucks, Weasels, any vehicle used by a Signal Construction Battalion

Bivouac Items- Original or approved repro items that will enhance the units public display and field set up.  Items include, but are not limited to, ration crates, ammo crates, period tentage, signs, period camouflage netting, sand bags, ETC.

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